Systems Biology Workshop 2015

St. Petersburg, May 21-24

The second practical course in computational and systems biology is focused on the cross-over from bioinformatics to experimental biology, highlighting biology underlying systems level data and corresponding experimental designs for data acquisition and hypothesis testing.

We will consider approaches to generation of system level data ranging from gene expression, RNA-, ChiP-, and exome-sequencing up to high-throughput metabolomics and network-based data integration.    

Workshop Format 

A four-day workshop will take place at the country hotel near St. Petersburg. Each day will consist of lectures and practical modules where students will be able to carry out simplified calculations and discuss biological implications of their results. 

The working languages of the workshop will be Russian (lectures) and English (supplementary materials). 


  • Introduction to sequencing. RNA-seq & Gene expression analysis. 
  • Medical and Population Genetics. 
  • Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation. 
  • Metabolic regulation and introduction into metabolomics.

Detailed program


Maxim Artyomov (PhD), 

Washington University in St. Louis

Alexander Predeus (PhD), 

Washington University in St. Louis

Nikita Artomov, 

Harvard UniversityMassachusetts General HospitalBroad Institute



Pavel FedotovITMO University


Alexey Sergushichev, ITMO University

Anton Alexandrov, ITMO University


More information about speakers


The workshop is focused on those who want to learn about computational/systems biology approaches and their applications. People from both academia and industry are invited to apply. Basic knowledge of biology and ability to read English papers is required.   

Registration fees

All participants are supposed to pay registration fees. If the participation fee is paid prior to April 15, early registration discount applies. Registration fees cover all the expenses: accommodation, transfer, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), workshop materials and coffee breaks.  

Bioinformatics Institute students and alumni can pay the registration fee as “student”.

We encorage you to search for funding opportunities at your institution or consider special grant programs (for instance, Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation travel grants).

Outstanding applications from students and PhD students will be considered for grants from organisers  covering workshop's registration fees.

How to apply 

Registration is closed