Systems Biology Workshop 2016

Saint Petersburg, May 16-21

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For the third time Bioinformatics Institute, ITMO University and Washington University in St. Louis organize Systems Biology Workshop with lecturers from Washington University in St. Louis and Harvard University. In 2016, the workshop will again be held in a countryside, which allows all participants to devote most of the time to studies and networking.

This practical course in computational and systems biology is focused on the cross-over from bioinformatics to experimental biology, highlighting biology underlying systems level data and corresponding experimental designs for data acquisition and hypothesis testing. We will consider approaches to generation of system level data ranging from gene expression, RNA-, ChiP-, and exome-sequencing up to high-throughput metabolomics and network-based data integration.    

Workshop Format

A five-day workshop will take place at the country hotel near Saint Petersburg. Each day will consist of lectures and practical modules where students will be able to carry out simplified calculations and discuss biological implications of their results. The working languages of the workshop will be Russian and English (slides).


  • Introduction to sequencing. RNA-seq & Gene expression analysis.
  • Medical and Population Genetics.
  • Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation.
  • Metabolic regulation and introduction into metabolomics.

Special guest

Mark Daly (PhD)                                                Harvard university, Massachusetts General Hospital, Broad Institute

Mark Daly - one of the founders and leaders of modern statistical genetics. Mark Daly is an institute member of the Broad Institute and co-director of the Program in Medical and Population Genetics. His research primarily focuses on the development and application of statistical methods for the discovery and interpretation of genetic variation responsible for complex human disease. As founding chief of the Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, he also has an expanded focus on the interpretation of genome sequence and the use of genome information in clinical settings.


Maxim Artyomov (PhD),                                 Washington University in St. Louis

Alexander Predeus (PhD),                             Bioinformatics Institute

Nikita Artyomov,                                                 Harvard university, Massachusetts General HospitalBroad Institute

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The workshop is focused on those who want to learn about computational/systems biology approaches and their applications. People from both academia and industry are invited to apply. Basic knowledge of biology and ability to work with Linux command line is required. We recommend a free online course "Introduction to Linux” for those who are not confident in their Linux knowledge.

Attendees of the workshop will be selected on a competitive basis.

Registration fees

All participants are to pay a registration fee. The registration fee covers all the expenses: accommodation, transfer from and to Saint-Petersburg, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), workshop materials and coffee breaks.

  • A 10% registration fee discount is provided for filing the application before February, 1st.
  • Grants will be awarded to outstanding applications from postgraduate and undergraduate students.
  • A 30% fee discount for students and alumni of Bioinformatics Institute.