Systems Biology Workshop

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Annually Bioinformatics Institute, ITMO University and Washington University in St. Louis organize Systems Biology Workshop in Saint Petersburg. 

Each day of the workshop consists of several theoretical lectures accompanied by practical modules in which participants are able to pass the full path of bioinformatics processing and analysis of the whole-genome experiments and discuss the biological consequences of the results. Since 2015, the seminar is held in a countrysde, which allows all of the participants to get involved in the educational process and get acquainted with each other as much as possible.

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Systems Biology Workshop 2016 will be held on May 16-21 in a countryside hotel near Saint Petersburg. This time the workshop will last five full days, featuring a lecture by a special guest, Mark Daly.

Attendees of the workshop will be selected on a competitive basis. Application is open.

The workshop is focused on those who want to learn about computational and systems biology approaches and their applications. People from both academia and industry are invited to apply. Basic knowledge of biology and ability to work with Linux command line is required.