Максим Артемов

Maxim Artyomov is an Assistant Professor at Immunology & Pathology Department of Washington University in St.Louis. Dr. Artyomov’s lab applies next generation sequencing and novel computational techniques to address fundamental questions in immunology. His recent work is devoted to development of high-throughput RNA-seq approaches and applications of this technology to uncover relation between genes implicated in autoimmunity through genome-wide association studies. Dr. Artyomov obtained his PhD from MIT at 2009 working at Arup Chakraborty’s lab where he studied stochastic behavior in the signal transduction networks at early stages of T-cell activation. For his postdoctoral studies Dr. Artyomov joined Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, working with Aviv Regev to explore (both experimentally and computationally) the transcriptional networks that govern activation of dendritic cells in response to immune stimuli. Dr. Artyomov also serves as Co-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board (along with Doug Lauffenburger) for Cambridge based Immuneering Inc.

Организация: Washington University in St.Louis

Руководитель проектов:

Начало: Jun 2016
Название проекта Начало Окончание Студент Руководитель
Drug synergy prediction based on transcriptomic signatures Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Юрий Барбитов Максим Артемов
Начало: Jun 2015
Название проекта Начало Окончание Студент Руководитель
Integrated analysis of high-throughput profiling of virus-host interactions Jun 2015 Sep 2015 Екатерина Эсаулова Максим Артемов