Lead Bioinformatics Scientist

St. Petersburg Academic University is the first and the only university in the Russian Academy of Sciences, with one of the leading CS program in Russia. SPbAU was established in 1997 by the highly acclaimed physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Zhores Alferov as a research and educational facility for physics and IT. It is one of the very few state-accredited universities in Russia to provide advanced BSc/MSc programs in cutting-edge computer science fields, including bioinformatics or data science.

With a lack of bureaucracy in regards to the educational process, the academic staff at SPbAU has exceptional flexibility in developing and updating curriculum to keep up with the students' progress and recent advancements in the rapidly changing world of computer science. All students enrolled in the program stand out for their talent and great potential, thanks to highly competitive entrance examinations

We are looking for a full-time senior bioinformatics researcher to:

  • set up a computational research lab in the Academic University,
  • supervise PhD/MSc/BSc students on research projects,
  • teach courses and supervise the curriculum.
You will get access to the brightest CS students of the Academic University and Russia.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • PhD or Postdoc in Bioinformatics or Computer Science.
  • Great track record in research (published tools & papers, collaborations etc.).
  • Experience in graduate students supervision (MSc or PhD).
  • Experience in teaching.
  • Extreme self-sufficiency and self-direction – you will set your own research goals and directions, and you will direct others.


  • 150K RUB / month
  • Office space for the lab 
  • Collaborations with the best bioinformatics students and labs in St. Petersburg and Russia
  • Travel grants for conferences
  • Friendly administrative support


Please send your CV, list of publications, references and any additional information to uliana.egina@jetbrains.com

Компания: St. Petersburg Academic University

Место: Санкт-Петербург

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