Post-doctoral fellows with an Immunology and/or Computational Biology background

We are actively recruiting post-doctoral fellows with an immunology and/or computational biology background to work in the Pulmonary and Critical Care laboratories at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. 

The Pulmonary and Critical Care Division is the home of a highly collaborative group of federally funded investigators with a shared interest in the mechanisms that underlie the development of acute lung injury and fibrosis.  We are particularly interested in understanding how the aging affects the immunologic responses to environmental challenges to increase the risk for acute and chronic lung disease.   We have particular expertise in flow cytometry for the isolation of immune cell populations from the lung during disease and for examining the response to injury in this cells using transcriptomic and epigenomic approaches. Fellows will have access to a wealth of resources including high-quality data, a state-of-art high-performance computing facility, robust analytical pipelines, the latest laboratory technology and research expertise in transcriptome analysis, lung biology, mathematics and computer science.

The fellows will lead or participate in all aspects of these studies via multi-disciplinary teamwork and have opportunities to interact with leaders of pediatric and adult lung biology and translational research within and outside the institution. For those with ambitious career goals including those with no prior computing experience, inter-disciplinary training will be provided to broaden or strengthen computational or biological expertise.

The training environment in our Program outstanding.  We have developed a formalized committee process to oversee post-doctoral training.  Our investigators have an established track record of scientific productivity that has allowed our fellows to successfully compete for independent funding.  The Division hosts a rich program of conferences and invited speakers and is integrated into the rich intellectual environment of the Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern University, one of the top ranked Universities in the world.    

Interested applicants should please send an email to Sean Campbell

Компания: Northwestern University, Chicago, USA