SingHealth Translational Immunology and Inflammation Centre (Singapore)

SingHealth Translational Immunology and Inflammation Centre (STIIC) is a translational clinical research platform that aims to develop translational immunology in Singapore.

STIIC uses the Immunomics platform, a powerful and dynamic model to study the regulation of the immune system by integrating information from several high through-put technologies including multiple phenotypical assays.

STIIC collaborates with researchers and clinician-scientists on clinically important medical conditions through translational studies on immunology and inflammation. Translational research bridges un-met needs between knowledge of basic sciences and its translation into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes.

This field is multi-directional and aims to:

Inform clinical research through discoveries generated during research in the laboratory.

Drive basic research with the adoption of best practices in the community through observations in the clinic.

Operationally, it aims to support researchers by exploring, designing and developing individual translational research projects in several clinical areas.