Center for Data-Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Skoltech

CDIB is a new Center for Research, Education and Innovation at Skoltech that integrate bio-medical research projects in the fields of data-intensive systems biotechnology, data-intensive life sciences and novel therapy developments. Accordingly, research in the new Center will develop in the following main directions:

identify novel targets, bacterial-derived materials and processes to combat bacterial infectious diseases and for biotechnological applications;

comprehensive study of molecular and structural features unique to the human brain using cutting-edge “big-data” approaches;

develop novel medical therapies based on the newest biological techniques and explore biological mechanisms of traditional medical treatments using state-of-the-art biological approaches, validation and verification of drugs.

Over the coming five years, CDIB’s mission will be:

to become a world-wide recognizable Biomed/Biotech research program in its niche;

to lead the Russian national Biomed/Biotech programs and initiatives;

to provide educational and research base to Biomed innovation and entrepreneurship;

to deliver products and services with substantial impact to the national economy

Расположение: Москва