Algorithmic Bioinformatics

This one-year program is developed for senior students with CS/IT, Mathematics and other technical background that are interested in Bioinformatics. The best students may stay for additional semester to take advanced courses and continue their research. 

The program is focused on advanced algorithms and data structures with application to large-scale data mining in molecular biology. During their studies students conduct 2-3 research projects under the supervision of specialists from partner laboratories and companies. Major topics are: de novo genome sequence assembly, computational mass-spectrometry, comparative genomics and many other. 


  • Molecular Biology
  • Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Statistics I
  • Bioinformatics Algorithms
  • Optional: Algorithms and Data Structures I and II
  • Optional: Journal Club
  • Research work


  • Molecular Evolution 
  • Genome Assembly
  • Molecular Sequence Analysis
  • Statistics II
  • Bioinformatics (Journal Club)
  • Research work

Summer internship

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