Анализ молекулярных последовательностей, весна 2015

Курс: Molecular Sequence Analysis.

Преподаватель: Сергей Нурк.

Даты: Feb 2015 — Jun 2015.

While deeply looking into some important problems of nucleic and amino acid sequence analysis, this course covers many computational and statistical concepts widely used in bioinformatics. In the homework assignments, students will implement some of the discussed approaches and also become familiar with many useful bioinformatics tools.

Course structure:

  1. Introduction. Some genome properties.
  2. HMMs. CpG islands.
  3. Evolutionary models and introduction to phylogeny
  4. Log-odds substitution matrices. Multiple alignment.
  5. Sequence Motifs. Motif representation. PSSM scoring. Information content. Logos.
  6. Profile HMMs. Complications.
  7. Conserved regions analysis. Phylo-HMMs.
  8. Gene prediction
  9. Regulatory motifs. String- and profile-based approaches for motif finding. Phylogenetic footprinting.
  10. Probabilistic profile-based motif finding

Итоговая аттестация: оценка.